We met at Mbarara University of Science and Technology

June 20, 2023

Silvano and Jolly met at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. They started as strangers and were later connected by Penny, a long time friend to Silvano, who shared Jolly’s contact with him.


Through a phone call, Silvano and Jolly arranged to meet at Ruhinda Hotel in Mbarara City, where they had a great time and talked much about themselves.

The fact that he had courage to take alcohol on our first date while knowing that I don’t drink gave me an impression that he would be an honest man. I credited him for that.



Unlike the recent trend, Silvano proposed to Jolly in his own and very direct way as they say that “Westerners don’t propose”

I don’t remember kneeling down, ring in the finger but from the beginning it was very clear that she was the one.


Saturday May 13, 2023 will always be memorable to Silvano and Jolly for it is when vows were exchanged at Uganda Martyrs Parish in Mbarara City. A mega reception, fully packed with more than 1,000 guests at Asmar Resort in Ruti Mbarara, sealed their wedding day. As usual, our job as Crystal Shots was to cover moments that will always ignite their memories.

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